Please read for a request…

I was trying to wrangle some info out of my wife, in an attempt to find out what particular postcards she’d like. Here is the verdict:

  • Anything from the Pacific North West
  • Anything from New England, particularly in Fall
  • In terms of particular parks- Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain and Glacier
  • Something with “Southern charm”

I have found that and zazzle have a good range. I also really like Ranger Doug’s stuff.

Now, these are just some suggestions – of course I will be thrilled with anything you guys send (not literally anything of course!).

Could we have a few comments from anyone who has sent a card, or who intends to do so? I’d love to know whether cards are coming directly here, or going via Paulina in SF. I go to check the PO Box and get a small feeling of sadness when it’s still empty 😦

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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