Meet Hansel

Hansel in a grape vine
Hansel in a grape vine

So, this year for my wife’s birthday, Hansel is going to go and find all of the best views in Yellowstone National Park. He is going to take selfies when he finds these fantastic features and then he will post them to the blog. Then, when the actual birthday finally rolls around, we will (hopefully) meet up with Hansel (and his helper elves) and…I haven’t got that far yet.

OK, Hansel is a stuffed bear, and has no opposable thumbs, so how will he manage to do all of these things? With the help of the wonderful staff at the Yellowstone NP Visitor Center – that’s how! I contacted the center and asked them if they would help me with an unusual request: would they be willing to take Hansel out on hikes or tours (or whatever) and set him up looking at their favourite views. Then, after having taken his picture, could they send me the images and I will post them on the  blog. Imagine how thrilled I was to hear that they agreed to this crazy plan!

Today’s post is to set the ball (or the bear) rolling and have Hansel go to his first scenic lookout. If you follow my other blog – walkerpodimages – then you may have seen where we  went today. Hansel found a wonderful spot, overlooking the vines at Mimirosa, our Aunt’s bush retreat near Oberon in New South Wales.

Hansel and the  view of Mimirosa
Hansel and the view of Mimirosa

These pictures represent just the sort of whimsical images that I hope the awesome YELL Visitor Services folks will share – giving us a taste of what we can look forward to come the (US) summer. So, in advance, thanks to any and all YELL staff who take Hansel on another step in his adventure across Yellowstone.

Another, closer, shot
Another, closer, shot

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