What to do if you find yourself with a bear called Hansel

Hansel in a grape vine
Hansel in a grape vine

I will make this a sticky post. Anyone who finds themselves in the  company of Hansel can scan his QR code and come straight here. All of the “instructions” about Hansel and his journey will be here.

  • Hansel’s mission is to see awesome sights. Take him on a hike. Show him a place you love. Or a place you’ve never been!
  • Take a picture of him as he looks out at the view. (He is trying to show me and my wife all of the awesome things we can expect to see when we visit later this year.)
  • We will pick him up in June sometime from the visitor centre. We’d love to meet anyone who helped out, too!

Mainly, all of this is about creating some excitement about our trip (not that  we really need help!) so creativity in your images gets bonus points.


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