Sinks Canyon and Lander

Sinks Canyon campsite

Our first taste of the real outdoors for this trip came when we arrived in Lander, Wyoming. We headed directly to Sinks Canyon, hoping to snag a good site for our stay. There were several campgrounds in the State Park, but we particularly wanted to stay at the Popo Agie site, so we were keen to get in early. Luckily, we beat the crowds and had our pick, scoring the best site there!

Augie’s bus and the Popo Agie River

One of the things that we love most about camping in the States is that campgrounds usually have a host or two and (in our experience) these hosts are interesting, friendly people who genuinely enjoy sharing their park with travellers – especially internationals like us! The bus in the above photo belonged to Augie, the host. The photo below is of this really cool guy. You can see a necklace he’s wearing in the photo: that was mine and he liked it so much (it’s Australian boulder opal) that he traded with me for a turquoise and black jade necklace that he had made – awesome!

Augie in front of his bus

One of the cool things about Sinks was that  we finally got to start  some good hiking – a core reason for the trip. The Popo Agie River (say popo-zhea) is fascinating because it starts out like any mountain river – wild and tumbling – as it flows down the canyon. The river flows into the “Sinks” that give the canyon its name emerging a quarter mile later at the “Rise” and it is a totally different river – a calm, peaceful  flow that is full of (huge!) brown trout.

first book018
The Sinks
first book017
The Rise
The beginnings of the Popo Agie River
Hiking around Sinks Canyon

There was one low point, though: after a bit of rain, I needed to adjust the fly of our tent and then a minor disaster:

first book013
Not good when it’s raining…

Thankfully, there was a great camping store in Lander (Wild Iris) where we were able to find a new tent.  Disaster averted!

Next stop: The Tetons!




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